Union Grove – Yorkville Fire Department

Committed to providing prompt and professional firefighting, fire prevention and EMS services to our residents, businesses and visitors in the Villages of Union Grove and Yorkville.



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Chiefs Fall Newsletter 2022

Fall is fast approaching and that means small evening campfires, Fire Prevention Week, leaves to rake, changing the batteries in your smoke and CO alarms, having you furnace professionally serviced and being alert to school busses while driving and watching for...

Chiefs Spring Message 2022

Spring is arriving and your thoughts will soon be turning to warmer weather.   With it comes a timely reminder to keep your home safe from the threat of fire.  In an effort to make this “Spring Cleanup” a fire safe one, here are a few safety tips: Test...

UGYFD Fire Commission Agendas and Minutes

Fire Commission Agendas & Minutes

The Joint Union Grove and Yorkville Fire Commission meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at the Union Grove Municipal Center – Town of Yorkville board room. The meeting begins precisely at 6:00pm.



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What, Where, & When Can I Burn?

Please review the ordinance specifically for your municipality.
We also ask you to report any burning to our Department (262) 878-4181  and to the Racine County Sheriff’s Department (262) 886-2300.
• Village of Union Grove Ordinance, Chapter 46, Section 46-17, Open Burning.
• Village of Yorkville Ordinance, Chapter 26 Section 26-18, Open Burning.

Who Do I Contact About an Ambulance Bill?

All of our EMS billing is forwarded electronically to LifeQuest, a billing, collection, and data management service, located in Wautoma, Wisconsin.  You may contact LifeQuest through its toll free number, 800-786-4911.  You will speak with a live customer service representative, not a voice mail, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. You may also visit their website, www.myambulancebill.com

Can I Become a Member of the Fire Department?

With the right qualifications, training, and dedication you may be able to serve the community as well!  Be sure to visit our Membership page to learn more. 

Where can I find events or classes?

Our events are posted on the department’s Facebook Page.

Proposed New Station News & Updates

The Union Grove-Yorkville Fire Commission and the Union Grove-Yorkville Fire Department has engaged Five Bugles Design/Wendel Companies to perform an existing facility assessment, space needs analysis, and conceptual planning services to renovate or replace the existing station. The Union Grove–Yorkville Fire Station, located at 700 Main Street on the northside of Union Grove, was constructed in 1974 with minor alterations to the
facility over the past four decades. 

Latest News

Current Station Built

Expected Lifespan

Learn, Participate, Community

UGYFD CPR Training

CPR Classes

Four to six minutes is the window of opportunity for someone to act before its too late!

Put very simply: The life you save with CPR is mostly likely to be someone you love.

UGYFD Squad 332


The Union Grove – Yorkville Fire Department offers regular membership and part-time, paid, daytime employment opportunities.

Both are a proud opportunity to be a part of and participate in our community, providing professional EMS and firefighting services to our residents, businesses and visitors within the Villages of Union Grove and Yorkville.

UGYFD Community


UGYFD participates in numerous events each year, parades, fundraisers such as our county famous drive through chili and squeaky clean drive through car wash, and more.  We assist with the Racine County Fair, support school events, and work with local schools during fire prevention week. We are proud to be part of and support our community!

Keeping your family safe!

Severe winter weather can include snow or subfreezing temperatures, strong winds and ice or heavy rainstorms. What would you do if you are stranded at home or on the road? How will your family reunite if separated by severe weather? Do you have food and supplies on hand to survive for at least three days, especially without power? Your plan should cover a range of hazards with an immediate focus on winter weather-related hazards including power outages. 

Phone Numbers

Union Grove - Yorkville Fire Department
700 Main Street
Union Grove, Wisconsin 53182
Non Emergency: 1-262-878-4181
Fax Number: 1-262-878-4177
Racine County Sheriffs Department
Non Emergency: 1-262-886-2300
Village of Union Grove
925 15th Avenue
Union Grove, WI 53182
Village of Yorkville
925 15th Avenue
Union Grove, WI 53182
Racine County Health Department
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