Chief’s Spring & Summer Message 2014

With an 80 degree day yesterday it is easy to think summer is about to make its presence felt and with that a need to list some important tips to help us enjoy a safe summer.

Outdoor Grilling – dispose of coals properly.  Douse with water and never place in plastic, paper or wooden containers.

Campfires – keep water handy, douse, stir and douse again when done and never leave fire unattended.

Fireworks – are dangerous!  An estimated 9600 injuries were treated in U.S. ER’s in 2011.  Go watch the professional public displays!

Sunblock & Insect Repellant – Avoid combination products, their applications/reaaplications aren’t the same, read labels carefully when applying to children.  Prime mosquito biting hours are dusk to sawn but ticks are out all the time.

Swimming – Don’t swallow pool water, wash hands after using toilet or changing a diaper, take a shower before using the pool.

ATV’s – Too young for a driver’s license; too young to operate off road vehicles, don’t have passengers, take a safety training course, wear a helmet, eye protection and sturdy shoes(no flip flops); and most obviously – don’t drink and drive.

Lawn Mowers – Use mowers that have immediate blade stop if handle is let go, wear sturdy shoes, don’t allow children as passengers on ride on mowers, don’t remove guards, shields, switches or safety devises.

Despite all the danger warnings, please enjoy our wonderful Wisconsin summer and don’t hesitate to call us should you be in a life threatening emergency situation.  Have a safe summer!