Chief’s Spring Message 2017

I have just finished a meeting with the America Red Cross concerning tornado preparedness. What a great topic to begin with.  Severe weather awareness week is going to be April 17th to the 21st with a state wide drill on the 20th.  What you can do is create an emergency kit for home and one for your car.  Consider what you would need to survive for 72 hours; water, nonperishable food (not just candy bars!), battery powered radio, flashlights with extra batteries, first aid kit, whistle, towelettes, manual can opener.  We have suggested items on our website, or other sources on the internet.  The same is true for your car though here you want a cell phone charger, fire extinguisher and reflective warning triangles.  We don’t want to find ourselves wanting these items especially after someone (me) reminds you and encourages you.

Three final items – batteries for the smoke detectors and CO monitors, reminder of EMS Week May 21-27th and a pat on the back as we celebrate our 75th year of providing emergency medical service.  We began back in 1942!  Not sure if we are planning a party but we will let you know to join us.

In closing, I recently spoke to someone about how would the ambulance get to someone if the doors are locked, you are alone and too sick to open the door. Answer – purchase a residential Knox box or I could say put it on your birthday or Christmas list.  Costs range from $159.00 (works great) to $286.00 (way too expensive) and order forms are available at the fire station.

Have a great spring and remember call 911 if you need us.