Chiefs Winter Message

Winter is on its way and with it comes freshly fallen snowflakes, holiday preparations, colder temperatures…and a few reminders!

Fire Prevention
• First, change the batteries in your smoke and CO alarms. Alarms should be replaced at least every 10 years.
• Be sure to listen to your sons and daughters about what they learned during Fire Prevention Week and decide on escape routes and meeting places.

Fire Safety at Home
• Think and practice safety using a portable space heater (it is not intended to dry gloves, hats or winter gear). It’s important to keep heat sources at least three feet away from anything that can burn including furniture and drapes.
• Clean the lint from your dryer vent.
• Do not use candles!
• Do not use your oven as a heater substitute; it’s a very bad idea and should never be tried.
• Realize that home fires are more prevalent in the winter months and cooking is the leading cause of all winter residential building fires.
• We also suggest having your fireplace chimney cleaned and inspected every year.
• Always have a fire extinguisher handy!

Outside Safety
• Avoid overexertion when removing snow whether shoveling or snow blowing; it can hinge on a heart attack which is a major cause of death in the winter. Don’t over do it, pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you; breathing rate, heart rate, and blood pressure will increase with work.
• Watch for signs of frost bite and hypothermia. Rubbing is not a remedy; you should seek medical attention if necessary.
 Keep fire hydrants clean and free of snow build-up. This will assist us in locating hydrants and accessing them if an emergency develops.

Plan Ahead
• Get your flu shot if you haven’t already!
• Prepare and create an emergency pack/container for your car during Wisconsin snowy times as well as one for the house should we experience an extended electrical outage.
• Stay up to date with weather conditions; if you don’t have to be out, sometimes it’s better to stay home and off the roads.

Call us if you need us. Remember our service for life threatening and fire emergencies is only three numbers away – 911. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!