logodAll our firefighters are certified to the Firefighter I level minimally and are all CPR/AED certified with the American Heart Association most current standard.

The Union Grove – Yorkville and Kansasville Fire Departments provide automatic mutual aid for any structure fire response within each other’s jurisdiction. To that end, we have gone so far as to jointly purchase Tower Ladder 351 and share in its use and the expenses of.

In November 2009, the Union Grove – Yorkville Fire Department and Raymond Fire Department have also agreed to provide automatic mutual aid for any structure fire response within each other’s jurisdiction.  And beginning January, 1, 2010, both UGYFD and Raymond have agreed to simultaneously respond to any motor vehicle accident on Interstate 94 between Hwy 20 and Hwy K to provide a quicker response and to decrease scene time on the Interstate.

In 2002, Racine County joined the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS). This box alarm system allows fire departments, including UGYFD, to easily call for support in the event of major emergencies or disasters. Predetermined equipment and/or personnel will be received or provided when called for assistance.


Heavy Rescue 332

2002 Saulsbury/Spartan custom chassis heavy rescue.

Specialized and self-supportive to provide the following services: trench rescue, collapse rescue, building collapse rescue, rapid intervention, heavy forcible entry, below grade rescue, concrete cutting capability, heavy duty cutting and breaking, all EMS equipment carried by ambulances, stokes basket, high angle rescue, water and ice rescue, SCUBA rescue, hazardous materials, fixed and portable lighting, fixed hydraulic rescue tools on reels, air rescue tools on reels, hand extrication tools, portable hydraulic rescue tools, lift bags, breathing air refilling up to 6000 psi, stabilization of unstable vehicles and buildings, specialized stabilization equipment, heavy equipment stabilization, communications with all jurisdictions, command center with desk for accountability, carbon monoxide (CO) incidents, flammable atmosphere monitoring, confined space rescue, firefighting SCBA firefighter/EMS rehab and other applications. This Squad can also transport patients to the hospital in a mass casualty incident or when no other transporting capabilities are available.

Engine 324

1995 Sutphen custom chassis pumper.

It has 1500 gallon per minute pump and 2000 gallons of tank water. It has a midship single stage pump. This engine is the primary attack engine for all structural fires. This engine also responds secondary to all vehicle fires involving multiple vehicles/large vehicles, vehicle fires with special exposures or considerations, dumpster fires with exposure problems, carbon monoxide (CO) problems, collapse rescues, technical rescue back-up, natural gas or propane incidents.

Engine 322

2006 Crimson/Spartan custom chassis pumper.

It has a 2000-gallon per minute rear mount pump with 800 gallons of tank water and 100 gallons of F-500 foam. This engine is primarily set up for water supply and rescue functions. This is the engine that will stage at a pond or other static water source to draft water and pump it to another engine. This engine carries more hose than any other UGYFD engine company. The rear mount pump allows better placement at scenes allowing for full pump capacity and also allows room for tankers to get by. There is a full compliment of hydraulic and pneumatic rescue tools on it. It has larger than required amount of ground ladders on it. These ladders total 115 feet. This engine has a large cache of Hazardous Materials equipment.

Ladder 351

2003 Pierce Dash custom chassis mid-mount 95’ platform tower ladder.

Ladder 351 was purchased and is jointly owned with Kansasville Fire Department. This Tower Ladder will respond on all structure fires. It will also respond to all height-based rescues, technical rescue incidents involving height, water rescue, below grade rescues and any specialized incidents.

Tanker 361

2015 Midwest Fire Freightliner commercial chassis water tanker.

This rig has 3600 gallons of water in its tank. It carries two 3500-gallon portable tanks on the sides. This tanker will dump its full load in under a minute and fill in less than two minutes. This tanker will respond to all fires in non-hydranted areas and responds primarily to mutual aid fires.

Command 343

2012 Ford Expedition – purchased in part from the sale of a noncompliant grass rig, donations received from Community State Bank and Stericycle and several memorial donations.
Its primary function is a chief buggy.  Buggy is a term from the fire services past that is used to describe the vehicle used to transport the chief to the scene of a fire.  This rig is for command officers to respond to the scene ahead of the primary units.  Command is set up from this vehicle using the onboard command boards and radio system.

Utility Vehicle 371

2017 Ford F250 – It is designated as a utility vehicle.  The primary use of this vehicle is for fire inspections, carrying extra personnel responding to incidents and a vehicle to carry dirty hose and equipment back to the station for cleaning and storage.  Placed in service in early 2004.

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