Building Fire Inspections

The Union Grove Yorkville Fire Department; required by the State of Wisconsin, Department of Safety and Professional Services, Chapter SPS 314, mandates the Fire Chief to inspect every commercial occupancy and multi-family occupancies. Most buildings shall be inspected at least once in each non-overlapping 6-month period per calendar year, or more if ordered by the Fire Chief.

Fire inspectors identify any hazards that may increase the occurrence of a fire or life safety issue(s) within each occupancy, such as but not limited to: exit lights, extension cords, expired or nonexistent fire extinguishers, blocked egress doors, flammable liquids within buildings and appropriate storage of, electrical code violations, etc.

If you have received notification your building is due for an inspection, please contact the Union Grove – Yorkville Fire Department to schedule an appointment for inspection.

All violations need to be corrected by the date given by our fire inspectors and can be found on the Verification of Compliance form. The form can be returned by mail, fax, email or dropped in the mailbox on the front of the building. You can download the form below.

Under Village of Union Grove ordinance Sec. 46-11(b) of Village of Yorkville ordinance Sec. 26-12(b) allows the Fire Department to charge a fee for non-compliance of the violations found during our recent bi-annual building inspection and any re-inspections to ensure compliance.

The Verification of Compliance form must be returned by the date noted. Failure to return the form with all violations corrected shall result in potential fines/citations regarding the noted violations.
Upon subsequent bi-annual inspections, the Fire department finds the same violations not addressed/corrected, shall result in potential fines/citations.
If a re-inspection is required, this shall result in potential fines/citations.
Thank you for your cooperation in making the Village of Union Grove and the Village of Yorkville fire safe communities by addressing these issues and making the necessary corrections.