Chief’s Fall Message 2014

Let me begin the fall newsletter with this year’s National Fire Prevention theme – “Smoke Alarms Save Lives: Test Yours Every Month”.  Yes, I have mentioned changing your battery twice a year (spring and fall) and this ties nicely in with the national theme.  In addition, add a check of your carbon monoxide alarm, especially as we will soon be having weather that will prompt the use of our homes heating system and we don’t want a 911 call response when it is just a need to replace the battery or buy a new unit.

Though the calendar said it was summer and vacation time was here, it is now time to remember school is in session.  So watch out for kids; whether crossing the street, boarding or unboarding the bus, or running after a stray ball or pet.  Leaf burning, fall clean up, sending our new adult children to college with their safety tips and warnings, the evening residential fire pit; these are all on my list of reminders of when to think and practice fire safety.

The do’s; remember to have the furnace checked, practice the escape plan and where to meet, clean the lint filter in your dryer and be sure the exhaust is clean and not restricted, clean the chimney, if appropriate, before your first fire in the fireplace.

Now to the don’ts; burning candles, handle smoking materials wisely, leave home with the dryer running, preparing meals when you have over indulged and therefore impaired.

Let me close with a sad note and that is a fond farewell to two past members that recently left us; Sue Chase and Jim Moxon.  These two were members highly involved in our extra activities; education, fire prevention, fundraising and many community events.

Finally, remember we are always looking for new members and with the delivery of paramedic level service; this is especially true on the EMS side.  Stop in or check our website for an application.  Please stay fire safe this fall and winter!