Chiefs Fall Message 2017

With road construction likely to go until December, flooding problems lingering for many weeks, and the thought of Fall and what it might bring isn’t likely to be your major focus but, Fall it is already and what it brings is leaves (be sure to consult the Department website for burning rules), Fire Prevention Week (October 8-14), back to school (I have no control on that!) and anticipation of some of Wisconsin’s best weather.

Our Fire Prevention program is moving back a bit to accommodate the pregnancy of our program coordinator. Nonetheless, you still need battery replacements and as a challenge go to and complete the Home Fire Safety Survey. It may remind you of some critical tasks you need to complete but may have forgotten.

I want to thank you for your tremendous financial support of our ‘round up’ fundraiser during our EMS Day celebration in May and to those who came in the rain to learn that Flight for Life was cancelled. Thank you to Piggly Wiggly for hosting our event.

Though it might be overly expressed, I also need your help. We are seeking members to fill our firefighting ranks but, even more so, to help us in EMS, especially paramedics. Recognizing we are still volunteer; the need to find interested individuals remains as a major goal of our organization and to continue to provide outstanding service to our citizens and businesses at an excellent price. Besides having the potential for a full time position elsewhere, we are willing to pay back your education for your commitment to the community. Please consider joining! We would love to have you!

Another award we recently received was Partners in Safety Award given us by Flight for Life for our involvement with them during the search for Lynn Rickard in which we used social media to warn about the use of drones in the search area. We thank your cooperation and graciously accept the recognition.

Well, take the survey, do your fall clean up safely and remember to call 911 for emergencies. We will get to you as fast as we can and provide the best service available in Southeastern Wisconsin.