Chiefs’ Fall Message

Cooler temperatures are almost here; which means school has started, leaves will be burned and clocks will ‘fall back’ soon!

With those, come some seasonal reminders.  Please pay attention and be alert to school buses while driving.  Be sure to stop when you see their flashing lights!  If you plan to burn your leaves, have a water supply accessible, consider wind speed and direction and burn at least 10’ from any structure.  Be sure to check your smoke and CO alarm batteries and replace the alarm if it’s older than 10 years.  Don’t forget to close your bedroom doors at night; this will buy you extra time from heat, fire and smoke in case of a fire.  Be sure to practice your escape plan!

We continue to work with both Villages to map out a plan for the future.  We need to meet the needs of our residents, businesses and visitors for today and into tomorrow.

Specifically, the need for a new station.  Currently, we do not have adequate space for training and events.  Parking of apparatus and the ability to provide maintenance of them inside the building; we have to pull them outside.  Parking for members responding to incidents is limited.  Facilities to shower, launder clothing and gear and clean equipment so not to contaminate the station, personal vehicles and their homes.  Sleeping quarters for members who stay at the station overnight.  Limited office space and multiple personnel share the same areas.

We are an all-volunteer department.  Our members are very proud of that and work extremely hard to maintain and provide you with the highest level of service.  However, we are always seeking new members to fill our firefighting ranks; especially people to help us in EMS, particularly Paramedics.  If you are or know anyone interested who might be interested, please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy the change of seasons!  Be sure to check out our website and follow us on Facebook!