Chief’s Message Fall 2013


I hope everyone has had time to enjoy the relatively mild temperatures we’ve had recently and safely participate in all the activities and events going on this summer in our area!

It seems so many things need to be mentioned in the Village and Town newsletters that I would like to invite you to visit our redesigned Union Grove – Yorkville Fire Department website!  Though there are still many things we will continue to include, I encourage you to take a look.  There are many topics such as burning information, safety information, membership information, and local ordinances.  We will be able to post emergency announcements as they occur such as burning bans and road closures in the event of severe weather or incident occurrences.

With Fire Prevention Week coming in October, please find DW’s Page under the Fire Prevention tab for your children to learn and play fun games and activities!  And on the Public Safety page you will find helpful links for emergency planning, preparedness and safety tips for your family.

In the meantime, look forward to a great Wisconsin fall!  Please stay fire safe and remember in any life threatening situation, call 911 and we will be there promptly, professionally and as your neighbors.