Chief’s Spring Message 2015

Writing an article for Spring after shoveling over 12” of snow yesterday and this morning just isn’t enough to change my mindset from Winter to Spring, especially as the weather is calling for more snow, temps are falling and the ground hog saw his shadow.  Nonetheless, Spring shall return and Wisconsin will dazzle us with its beauty.  That all being said, how about a checklist on home safety to tide you over until summer?

Smoke alarms – one on every level of the home not only need batteries changed but how about dusting, cleaning and replacing it if over ten years old.

  • Kitchen stove hood – clean especially the vent that goes to the outside. While in the kitchen remember not to leave pots unattended, especially for those late night snacks when you are more tired than you realize.
  • Appliances – large and small should be plugged directly into the wall not via an extension cord.
  • Speaking of cords – don’t run any under rugs, check for any frayed or cracked ones and replace.
  • Clothes dryer – clean the lint filter and the venting system.
  • Candle safety – have them in sturdy fire-proof containers that won’t tip over and be sure to extinguish before going to bed or leaving the house. Better yet buy the electric candles; they smell as good and are safer.
  • Carbon monoxide alarms – should also be on every level of the house and need replacing after seven years.
  • Fire extinguishers – place strategically and remember to replace when suggested as you are unlikely to use. If you do use, spray low, spray quickly and if unsuccessful, leave immediately.  Have someone call 911 ASAP as fire will double rapidly and become out of your control faster than you can imagine.
  • You have already created an escape plan and a meeting place, especially if you have younger children – practice it!
  • Make sure your house number is easily visible from the street. Put your street number on your mailbox; not your name.
  • Store flammable fluids away from any flame source and in a proper container (an empty Coke or Pepsi can is not such).
  • Plug a rechargeable flashlight into a socket by your bed.
  • Install non-slip decals or a non-skid tub mat in your bathtub.
  • Keep your house looking lived-in when you are away. Install motion sensing floodlights in the backyard.  Purchase a metal bar or solid wood dowel to insert in the track of your sliding doors.  Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor or nearby friend.

The list isn’t complete but certainly contains some important and good safety tips for you to check or employ.  Meanwhile should a life threatening situation occur, don’t hesitate to call 911.  We will provide you prompt and professional volunteer care to all who ask.

And by the way, we are looking for local citizens who would like to volunteer to become firefighters, EMT’s or even paramedics.  We will help assist with the costs, you just need to provide your time, desire and enthusiasm!!