Chief’s Spring Message

Spring is a great time, especially in Wisconsin.  Despite the enjoyment of winter activities, the coziness of the fireplace and the many holidays now past, spring brings newness as plants begin to grow, gardens are planned and more outside activities are anticipated.

 True to form, I must remind you of smoke alarms.  As we adjusted for day light savings time, we need to replace batteries in the alarms and schedule a monthly testing (good assignment for one of your grade schooler, if you have one).  Always the grim statistic; 3 out of 5 home fire deaths occur where no smoke alarm was in place.  As to your carbon monoxide detector, remember to keep vents clear of spring snow for the gas water heater, dryer and furnace.

 A family emergency kit needs to include a home kit and a car kit.  Both emergency kits need potential items such as one gallon of water per person, a three day food supply, flashlight and extra batteries, first aid kit, duct tape, plastic sheeting and medicines.  A further list of items can be found on our website,, in our ‘Public Safety’ tab.  Be sure to check the batteries in the flashlight. Consider how you would shelter in place, where you meet, not just for a fire but in an emergency like flooding.  Do you have a getaway plan for an extended need to leave?

 Take it slow.  Not everything needs to be spring cleaned in an hour!  Lift within your limits.

Check your home fire extinguishers.  Replace filters; especially on the air conditioner.  Turn house water for outside back on. Clear overgrown plants from any wiring.  Clean out gutters or have someone do it for you. 

 Take your expired meds to the local drop box or dispose of on a collection day.  Remember your children and don’t leave containers around that should be stored away from curious youngsters.

 In the end, enjoy spring and the cleanup it may bring but always remember to call 911 if you need us for any life threatening emergency!