Chief’s Summer Newsletter

Time to think summer safety! 

 First your children – teach them how to dial 911. They should know their parents’ names and their address(s).  Have them wear a helmet when biking, skateboarding, roller blading or riding a scooter.  Always stop at STOP signs and look both ways before crossing.  Wear sunscreen to protect skin from burns.  Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.  Make sure they know the families meeting place in an emergency!

 For everyone – wash your hands before handling food. Use a different plate for grilled food from the one you brought to the grill uncooked.  Use a meat thermometer to ensure safe internal temperature.  Do not let raw meat, cooked foods, fresh cut fruits and vegetables sit at room temperature more than two hours before putting them in a cooler or the refrigerator.  Pack plenty of extra ice or freezer packs in your cooler to maintain a constant cold. 

 Drink plenty of water or other non-alcoholic beverages.  Wear lightweight, light colored, loose fitting clothing.  Reduce strenuous activities until cooler times of the day.  Over exertion accounts for about 3.3 million emergencies room visits per year and heat heightens the symptoms so listen to your body.  Take a break if you experience dizziness, painful muscles, feel very hot and sweating profusely, low abdominal pain or nausea

 Know how to operate your lawn equipment.  Fill gas tanks when your engine is cold.  Wear eye and ear protection as well as appropriate shoes and keep children away and pets away from mowing and yard equipment.  Avoid taking little ones on your lap as you slowly cut the lawn.  Accidents don’t take a long time – they happen instantly.

 As always, if you have an emergency and need us, call 911 and we will come to help.