Chief’s Winter Message 2015

‘Hear The Beep Where You Sleep’ was the theme of this year’s Fire Prevention Week and now we need you to make sure you have checked and/or replaced the batteries in each of your smoke alarms as well as your CO alarm, especially as the heat is being turned on and furnaces are kicking in once again. A new filter and possibly a check up by a local HVAC company isn’t a bad idea either. Hopefully you have practiced a family escape plan and the special place to meet, especially with your young children. Our fire department program tries to reach all children from age 3 to third grade, but some are missed and all can use a reminder on where to go and what to do. Statistically, children under 5 face a higher risk of death than the overall population due to lack of preparation.

Remember to check and replace flashlight batteries, especially the one at your bedside. If you utilize any kind of space heater in your home please maintain at least three feet of clear area around the device; this is a major way in which fires ignite, especially after people leave the room.

Once again, I want to promote flameless candles as an alternative to regular candles; they can be 75-80% more cost effective, they can be scented, they last longer, can be timer programmed and even recyclable when finally done with.

So as you prepare for two more major holidays and our typical cold, snowy Wisconsin winter, remember our service for fire and life threatening emergencies is only three numbers away – 911. Call us if you need us as we attempt to provide prompt and professional services to our citizens, businesses and visitors.

Stay safe and Happy Holidays!