Department History

Records show that the first fire company was organized in Union Grove in 1895 and was one of the only fire departments in the area. In May, 1895 that the Village clerk had recorded the purchase of a two wheel hand drawn chemical tank type fire extinguisher apparatus. The purchase price was for the sum of $700.00 and all volunteer firemen were to be released from paying a poll tax. In the summer of 1895, the first fire house was erected in the Village park and a fire bell secured to alert the Village firemen. By 1933, Union Grove was providing fire suppression to the surrounding areas; ie: Dover, Yorkville, Paris, and Somers.

The Town of Yorkville, which surrounds the Village, became conscious of fire protection for its residents and purchased a Ford Pirsch apparatus in 1934. This unit responded to a vast number of fire demands. The firemen of Union Grove manned this Yorkville apparatus which was stored in the Union Grove Fire Station (Colings Parkway Theater). The Union Gove – Yorkville Fire Commission was established in 1955 by the Village of Union Grove and the Town of Yorkville to jointly support the volunteer fire department.

The Union Grove rescue squad was organized in August, 1942 with Dr. Wolley and Willis Markinson traveling to Purdue University for intensive training. Its first vehicle was a second-hand truck formerly owned by a bakery and used as a bread delivery truck.

 In 1963, ordinances passed by the Village of Union Grove and the Town of Yorkville jointly agreed to support the volunteer fire department, and operations of the fire department and the rescue squad. While in the past self-sustaining, the rescue squad is supported by both the Village of Union Grove and the Town of Yorkville.

First Pumper

UGYFD First Pumper

Response Area

UGYFD First Rescue SquadDr. T.H. Wooley and his wife standing next to the first Union Grove rescue squad.

UGYFD History