Employment & Membership.

The Union Grove – Yorkville Fire Department offers regular membership and part-time, paid, daytime employment opportunities.

Both are a proud opportunity to be a part of and participate in our community, providing professional EMS and firefighting services to our residents, businesses and visitors within the Villages of Union Grove and Yorkville.  We are always seeking new members and employees who have a desire to serve our community!

You can find our application and corresponding forms below.

Regular Membership:

As a member, our Incident Response policy would apply; you would be assigned to a duty group, every 6th night from 7pm-4am and respond to incident alerts in the Villages of Union Grove and Yorkville, including mutual aid assignments.  

You would be eligible to request part-time paid daytime shifts.  

Membership is awarded by a 2/3 vote of active membership present at our monthly business meeting and applicants shall serve a minimum one-year probationary period.

Part-time Paid Daytime Employee:

The part-time paid employee shall be a minimum Emergency Medical Technician Basic and shall provide emergency services to the Villages of Union Grove and Yorkville, including mutual aid assignments.


All potential regular members and part-time paid daytime employee candidates must pass a background check (which may include but is not limited to Federal, State and/or local and potential social media review), have a valid driver’s license and possess a clean driving record and pass a medical examination and drug and alcohol testing.

You do not have to be a resident of Union Grove or Yorkville to apply for membership or employment.


Daytime Paid Part-time EMT Position Summary

Employment/Membership Application Packet



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