We continue to make progress planning for a new fire station.  Five Bugles has determined and presented ideas for a new station based on our needs assessment: equipment, apparatus space, office and training space, our current facility and future growth. 

While I’ll mention only a few needs below, click HERE to review the full presentation.

Our existing site was built in 1974.  The building was designed with a lifespan of 30 years and is now 48 years old.  It was determined in the needs assessment: the current station is not the best option to upgrade to allow us to service our communities well; now and into the future.  It does not meet ADA guidelines, current building and energy code requirements.

Apparatus in 1974 was smaller; now much larger, we do not have the needed additional space to service or repair them without moving them outside the building.  The width of the overhead doors is a challenge backing in our apparatus.  The space around the apparatus is extremely narrow; a minimum 5’ is required and poses a safety concern during incident response.   We do not have the proper space to fill SCBA equipment or decon following an incident.  Much of our large equipment is stored on the perimeter of the apparatus bay which further limits our space.

Office and storage space is another concern.  The three Chiefs’ share one office, our inspection office also serves as a second conference and/or training room since our main training room is not large enough.  Our hallways and storage rooms are full, and we have a shipping container outside of the building for additional equipment and supplies. 

We need your input to help us plan the future.  While our members are very proud and work extremely hard to maintain and provide you with the highest level of service, your ideas and suggestions will help us plan.  Feel free to contact us or your local board members if you have any questions or comments.

Tim Allen