Union Grove – Yorkville Fire Department
Division of Fire Inspection
700 Main Street, Union Grove WI 53182
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Verification of Compliance

This on-line form may be used when you have received a Fire Inspection Report that identifies violations that need to be corrected.  The compliance date listed on your fire inspection report identifies the date in which the listed violations must be corrected.   Please complete the below form when the identified violations have been corrected.  Should you need additional assistance regarding this matter or need additional time in which to correct the listed violations, please contact the Division of Fire Inspection at the above number.  Thank you for your cooperation in making the Village of Union Grove and the Village of Yorkville fire safe communities.


Please complete this form when the identified violations have been corrected.

    By checking this box you certify that all violations have been corrected.

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    If you believe that any of your violations were issued in error, you have 10 days in which to appeal in writing to the Union Grove – Yorkville Fire Department. Please address it to the fire inspector that issued the order of compliance.