Chief’s Message Winter 2012


With winter waiting to arrive, emergency preparedness seems to be an important topic to discuss; so here goes!  For your Christmas list, please consider an emergency weather radio (we may not be in ‘tornado alley’ but we certainly have frequent warnings for serious thunderstorms and tornados), a cell phone adapter to plug into your car lighter as “Murphy’s Law” is sure to happen when you need to make that emergency call, a fire extinguisher (one for the kitchen, the garage and your car), a folding ladder if you need a quick escape, especially the second story if you have one, and maybe some battery powered lamps like you use when camping (since candles have been known to start fires, they aren’t my suggestion during a power outage).

The never ending reminder to change batteries in your smoke detector and now the encouragement once again to purchase a carbon monoxide (CO) detector; 20,000+ people are visiting local ERs and almost 500/year are killed by exposure to this odorless, colorless, lethal gas. These are the standard newsletter reminders and with winter, there is the need to recognize the perils of driving also; whiteouts, blizzard conditions, black ice, regular ice, reduced visibility to mention a few. Finally, emergency preparedness kits; for the car you want a shovel, a flashlight, matches/small candles, blankets or sleeping bags, jumper cables, a first aid kit with a pocket knife, extra hats, gloves, socks, water, snacks (especially energy bars, raisins), cat litter for traction, emergency flares, reflectors, distress flag or even a whistle. Not necessarily a complete list but at least a pretty good start.

Don’t forget about your home as well, especially as to water since yours may not be coming to you, food that is nonperishable and ready to eat and your pets needs if you have one or more.

Consider learning CPR and we will be available to teach it at our station especially if you have a group that is interested. Have a safe and happy holiday season with plenty of your favorite winter activities!